Wallslide systems are available for most trucks and vans

The WallSlide System has All Aluminum Slide Out Walls mounted to a steel framework for long term reliability.  The system is designed for easy, safer, more organized tool, supplies and package access for your van or truck without walking or crawling into the vehicle.  The Ceiling Slide Rail is available for most vans and trucks adding versatility to access suspended items like ladders, cables, hoses with options of ladder rack material hooks, additional lighting, and some higher roof vehicles can add a full weather canopy.

The WallSlide walls are bare 1/8″ thick strong aluminum panels that you can attach almost any brand of shelving, bins, brackets, etc. to carry your tools or supplies.

Steel Framework

USA Steel Frame
Price: $864 - $1,117

Aluminum BulkHead Wall

Length: 46" - 65"
Price: $1,834 - $2,237

Ceiling Slide Out Rail

Rail Price: $669 - $1,440
Material Hooks: $61 - $97

Aluminum Left Wall

Length: 36" - 110"
Price: $1,834 - $3,578

Wall Shelf Canopy

Length: 65" - 110"
Lighting Price: $196 - $222

Lighting Options

Length: 6" - 72"
Price: $60 - $268

Aluminum Right Wall

Length: 46" - 84"
Price: $1,834 - $2,754

Add Electric Wall Motor

Length: 46" - 110"
Price: $1,259

Gantry Crane

Available upon Request
Price: $1,988

Note: Prices listed above are not final prices and are taken from the average. Contact us today for a customized quote for your vehicle and chosen WallSlide system.

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Standard Options and Specifications
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